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2016 SuperCamp Registration for Leaves SuperGirls at Lingelbach School in Germantown, PA

SuperCamp is a family-based camp for girls of African descent. Our camp is based on psychological theories that recognize the relationship between positive racial and social identity development for children’s well-being. As a supplement to children’s educational experience, we focus on areas of African and African American history not typically included in standard school curricula. SuperGirls explore and learn the histories of cultural icons and heroes that reflect their own biographies.
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My Wellness Journey

We are inviting YOU to help us better understand what it takes to live a healthy life. We are seeking 12 participants who for 90 days are willing to chronicle their lives and provide us an insight into the resources they are using to become and stay healthy. Join us on My Wellness Journey. Help us understand what it takes to live a healthy life.
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Representation Matters – #1000BlackGirlBooks

Book reading is an essential component of cognitive and social development for children and adolescents. Reading a lot is associated with things that might be expected, such as larger vocabularies, better comprehension, and stronger writing ability. But reading also opens up the world to the reader, increasing children’s knowledge about how things work, the history of the world, and the nature of social relationships. Reading helps students to focus for longer periods of time and to persist in other academic tasks. In short, reading is a fundamental skill--a building block of other important processes.
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#InvestInGirls Leadership

Hello #SuperFriend, Thank you for investing in the 2015 Super Camp Scholarship Fund! Thanks to your investment, GrassROOTS Community Foundation served 17 #SuperGirls and 5 Super Boys. Your investment helped us foster social action in girls, as evidenced by the success of #SuperGirl Marley’s #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign. We could not have done that without you!    We still need your help. We invite you to double your give in this year’s Super Camp Scholarship Fund at Last year, we only hit 50%…

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