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Ministry of Imagination – Education Week and Read Across Jamaica Day 2022

GrassROOTS Community Foundation Partners with Book Industry Association of Jamaica (BIAJ) to launch “Ministry of Imagination” for Education Week and Read Across Jamaica Day 2022.   The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on children’s learning, well being, and imagination, around the world. In Jamaica, thousands of children, from some of the most vulnerable households were directly impacted with significant learning loss. The recently launched Jamaica Education Transformation Committee (JETC) Report confirmed that  “almost 60 per cent of students…

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Green Ribbon Week 2021

Join the GrassROOTS SuperGirls’ public health initiative #Green Ribbon Week - a campaign to promote positive mental health of youth.   #GreenRibbonWeek is September 20-24th   The campaign goals are: Educate youth about ways to maintain good mental health practices. Encourage adults to engage in practices that facilitate dialogue with youth. Make conversations about mental health as common as conversations about physical health.

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Civics In Color 2021

Civics in Color May 2021

  Civics in Color: Politics for Black and Brown Girls Understanding Voter Suppression and What You Can Do About It May 1- May 22, 2021 Saturdays from 10-12pm EST   DO YOU KNOW...   Who oversees elections? How electoral processes work in practice? How voting rights are determined? What voter suppression is?     WANT TO KNOW MORE?   Sign up for Civics in Color to find out more and to learn how YOU play a role too.   If you identify as a woman…

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As 2020 draws to a close, we need your support to continue our work at GrassROOTS Community Foundation.   We are a training organization with a focus on public health and social justice. Our work is becoming more relevant each day, particularly as we continue to battle a global pandemic and racial strife within the United States and abroad. GrassROOTS’ mission begins with girls and the environments that shape their lives, namely home and schools.   In 2021, we will…

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Green Ribbon Week 2020

Join the GrassROOTS SuperGirls’ public health initiative #Green Ribbon Week - a campaign to promote positive mental health of youth.   #GreenRibbonWeek is September 21-25th   The campaign goals are: For YOUTH: Educate yourself and youth around you about ways to maintain good mental health. Model ways for peers to adopt daily healthy lifestyles within their communities, especially their schools and homes.   For ADULTS: Encourage adults to engage in practices that facilitate dialogue with young people. Provide examples for…

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SuperCamp 2020 (Virtual)

The same camp that trained SuperGirl Marley Dias, founder of the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign, is now accepting applicants. If you live in and around Essex County, New Jersey, you are eligible to apply for our SuperGirlsSociety (SGS) and our summer academy SuperCamp.   SGS is a family-based yearlong leadership development program for girls of African descent and their caregiving circle. This sisterhood and service group provides training in African and African-American history, public speaking, mental, sexual and physical health as well as…

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GCF goes global

From New Jersey to Haiti, Jamaica and Ghana, GrassROOTS work has expanded beyond the United States.   In June 2019, SuperGirl Olivia’s project and JetBlue brought us to Haiti to support orphaned youth and students. Additionally, we have amplified our efforts to increase educational opportunities for girls. GCF Team members  made several trips to Jamaica and a seminal trip to Ghana.   In collaboration with  Uzima Dance Fitness in Newark, Her Flow Foundation in Jamaica and the Rotary of Accra-Airport…

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Advocate for Girls Honorees 2019

On Saturday November 16, 2019 we will honored a group of thoughtful and dedicated community change agents. This year we are celebrating 3 women educators who are Advocates for Girls. Join us at our Give Thanks event as we elevate those around us who are the change we want to see in the world.     Meet Dr. Antoinette Ellis-Williams—Advocate for Girls Honoree 2019.   Dr. Antoinette Ellis-Williams graduated from Seton Hall, with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She…

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Day 1 of #EndPeriodPoverty Ghana

In 2019, GrassROOTS members have provided over 50,000 sanitary napkins to 1000 girls in the US, Jamaica and Ghana—yet that is not enough.  1 in 4 girls will miss school each year because they do not have the supplies necessary to have a healthy period. Grassroots Community Foundation joins Rotary Club in Accra City, Ghana

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#GreenRibbonWeek Update

#GreenRibbonWeek—a SuperGirl lead public health initiative aimed at supporting youth mental health—was a raging success.   Throughout the week of September 14th, adults and youth showed their commitment to supporting positive mental health for youth.   Adults at Mastercard and GlaxoSmithKline donned their green and posted online.   Youth at Kelly Elementary School, Roosevelt Middle School, and West Orange High School flooded the hallways with their green.   West Orange High School and Central High School in Newark held yoga…

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