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As 2020 draws to a close, we need your support to continue our work at GrassROOTS Community Foundation.


We are a training organization with a focus on public health and social justice. Our work is becoming more relevant each day, particularly as we continue to battle a global pandemic and racial strife within the United States and abroad.

GrassROOTS’ mission begins with girls and the environments that shape their lives, namely home and schools.


In 2021, we will focus on three core areas:


Educational Development and Training

Emergency Support

Policy Action 


  1. Educational Development & Training: We want to ensure that our community receives the highest level of training possible. We seek to increase our knowledge of public health, data literacy and socio-political history.
  2. Policy Action: We will be advocating  for policies that improve the health and wellbeing of women and girls.
  3. Emergency Support: We will continue to prioritize girls and their caregiving circles, particularly their parents and guardians by providing and increasing access to daily and necessary resources such as menstruation products and food.


Ways to Support


Public health data literacy training

  • Donate to help pay faculty and teaching assistants
  • Apply to participate


#endperiodpoverty campaign

  • Donate to support ship/transport supplies to point of need
  • Send menstrual supplies to Jamaica and/or the US
  • Write to your legislature to end tampon tax



  • Send copies of Black girl books
  • Donate to ship books and to hire staff to complete online database


Operational support

  • Donate to help us continue our work
  • Pay consultants and speakers
  • Ship goods


Our Programs


Educational Development and Training


Partnership with NYU Global Public Health

Quantitative Public Health Data Literacy Training

Replication of the CARES-Community Alliance for Research Empowering Social change


Partnership with Anna Julia Cooper Center

Civics in Color: understanding federal, state and local government and our place in it



Supporting positive mental health for youth


Roots, Rock, Run 5k Training

Community training and 5k run/walk



Emergency Support


Give Thanks

Provide emergency food care to families in Georgia and New Jersey



Raising awareness to #endperiodshame

Build “Red Spot” Pantries in middle and high schools in the US, Jamaica and Ghana



Policy Action



Building diverse school curricula and library



Support legislation that removes tax on menstruation products



Any monetary support will continue to provide much needed programs for our communities.


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