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2017 Black Girl Excellence Award

The Black Girl Excellence Award honors black girls who have demonstrated through their actions in the community high levels of integrity, academic excellence and ingenuity. This award was created to celebrate the ways in which black girls are broadening the imagination and the possibilities for others. Winners are celebrated for their ability to influence and transform the ways we think about and engage black girls.   Requirements: Must identify as a black girl Between 10-18 years old Resident of New Jersey Making…

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Daddy’s Little Girl Week 4 Winner

Dad’s Occupation? Network Security Consultant Age & Name of your other daughter? 9 years old, Tatyana Robinson Primary Reason for Participating in DLG? Our primary reason for participating is to show the world and other fathers how much fun a daddy/daughter relationship is, to stay active, and use our daily activities to win a trip to Disney World. What other things do you and your daughter enjoy doing together? We like gardening, making whipped shea butter, going to the movies,…

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Daddy’s Little Girl Week 3 Winner

About Dad Associate Professor, Texas State University Executive Director, FlowStory, PLLC About Daughter Morgan Travis, age 11 Primary Reason for Participating in DLG? I think it is a priceless gift that my daughter and I can share together. There are so many demands on our attention with work and school, and DLG gives us a chance to not only work on something together, but it is an investment in us - our relationship and our health. What else do you…

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Daddy’s Little Girl Weeks 1and 2 Winner

Team ForeverYoung Dad’s Occupation Army Broadcast Journalist/Combat Cameraman & Urban Pop Artist Age & Name of your other daughter? Isadora Jade Young, age 2.5 Avianna Pearl Young, age 14 months Primary Reason for Participating in DLG: I wanted to participate in the Daddy’s Little Girl Health Challenge because I think it’s important for our daughters to be active and experience things in person. We keep our daughters very active, and involved in social activities.  We keep TV & Device time…

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Daddy’s Little Girls Finalists

Meet Tadric and Tatanya Robinson Tatyana, 7 years old Dad’s Occupation: Computer Systems Security Analyst 3 2nd Occupation: Musician Primary Reason for Participating: I decided to participate in the DLG health challenge because most of my social media content consists of photos, and videos of my children and I. We are either playing, out and about, building things, or just plain spending time together. By being a part of this challenge, it allowed me to share the joy of fatherhood…

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