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2016 SuperCamp Registration for Seedlings SuperGirls

SuperCamp is a family-based camp for girls of African descent. Our camp is based on psychological theories that recognize the relationship between positive racial and social identity development for children’s well-being. As a supplement to children’s educational experience, we focus on areas of African and African American history not typically included in standard school curricula. SuperGirls explore and learn the histories of cultural icons and heroes that reflect their own biographies.
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Daddy’s Little Girl Week 4 Winner

Dad’s Occupation? Network Security Consultant Age & Name of your other daughter? 9 years old, Tatyana Robinson Primary Reason for Participating in DLG? Our primary reason for participating is to show the world and other fathers how much fun a daddy/daughter relationship is, to stay active, and use our daily activities to win a trip to Disney World. What other things do you and your daughter enjoy doing together? We like gardening, making whipped shea butter, going to the movies,…

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Daddy’s Little Girl Week 3 Winner

About Dad Associate Professor, Texas State University Executive Director, FlowStory, PLLC About Daughter Morgan Travis, age 11 Primary Reason for Participating in DLG? I think it is a priceless gift that my daughter and I can share together. There are so many demands on our attention with work and school, and DLG gives us a chance to not only work on something together, but it is an investment in us - our relationship and our health. What else do you…

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Daddy’s Little Girl Weeks 1and 2 Winner

Team ForeverYoung Dad’s Occupation Army Broadcast Journalist/Combat Cameraman & Urban Pop Artist Age & Name of your other daughter? Isadora Jade Young, age 2.5 Avianna Pearl Young, age 14 months Primary Reason for Participating in DLG: I wanted to participate in the Daddy’s Little Girl Health Challenge because I think it’s important for our daughters to be active and experience things in person. We keep our daughters very active, and involved in social activities.  We keep TV & Device time…

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2015 Fundraising Campaign for After School Programs in Lingelbach Elementary School, Germantown PA

We at GrassROOTS are supporting the youth and families of Germantown. We are raising funds to develop and support afterschool wellness activities for  the Anna L. Lingelbach Elementary School in Germantown. In August 2014, there was a national outcry after it was revealed the school received only $160 in discretionary funding for the entire 2014-2015 school year. With a total student body of 400, spending equates to just 2.5 cents per pupil. The budget was to cover the costs of everything…

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2015 Super Camp Fundraiser Campaign

Super Camp is a program of the GrassROOTS Community Foundation (GCF) Seedlings & Leaves Initiatives. The camp admits up to 15 girls annually through a competitive process which includes application and interview. To be eligible, girls should be 7-14 years old; have at least one caregiver who identifies as black and live in Essex County, NJ. Your investment in a Super Camp girl is 100% Tax Deductible. Every $10 = 1 hour camp. Super Camp educates, protects and teaches black…

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Super Camp Scholarship Fund

Invest in a black girl's leadership skills and well-being. $30K Fundraising Goal. We are raising funds to support our summer camp for girls of African ancestry. Super Camp is an innovative summer that teaches girls leadership skills and improves their well-being. Most children lose two months of learning during the summer. Super Camp makes improves learning by making learning fun. We teach children yoga, science, dance, math, and history. What We Need & What You Get We have raised $20K…

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