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Changemakers Academy
(formerly SuperCamp)

At GrassROOTS, we recognize that girls, and later women, often face significant social challenges that disproportionately impact their health outcomes. Furthermore, we know that these issues are compounded for some girls. For example, despite their high aspirations, Black women remain underrepresented in managerial and executive leadership positions. That’s why we’re committed to investing in girls of African ancestry, preparing them to navigate institutional systems and achieve success while maintaining their well-being.


The Changemaker’s Academy serves as our pathway to train these girls. It begins with an intensive summer training experience and continues with a year-round leadership program as members of the SuperGirls Society (SGS). Operating for the past 13 years in New Jersey, with expansions to Philadelphia, North Carolina, and Ghana, the Academy enhances the leadership capacity of girls aged 7-18 from economically and racially-unjust communities.


The Academy caters to three groups of girls: SEEDLINGS (elementary school age), LEAVES (middle school age), and BRANCHES (high school age), tailoring training to their specific needs. SEEDLINGS focus on foundational elements like movement, healthy habits, literacy, and self-awareness, while LEAVES emphasize health, self-efficacy, and skills for social action. BRANCHES deepen their understanding of economic and social realities faced by Black girls and women and prepares them for greater leadership.


Inspired by the ancient Kemetic principles of harmony and justice, SuperCamp incorporates four core principles: TRUTH, ORDER, BALANCE, and RECIPROCITY, guiding girls in distinguishing facts, prioritizing wellness, applying skills, and sharing with their community.


Our holistic approach brings together Black girls from diverse backgrounds, promoting sisterhood, excellence, and social action. We focus on building self-confidence, allyship, and social awareness while fostering leadership skills in areas like informed thinking, teamwork, communication, and entrepreneurship.


Positive racial identity is nurtured through the study of ancestry and cultural heritage, contributing to mental well-being and academic success. Changemakers research and celebrate women of personal or social significance, reinforcing positive identity development.


We empower Black girls to lead with confidence, resilience, and a strong sense of community while prioritizing their health and well-being.


Our annual event Lets Move It is our fundraising effort to support the Changemaker Academy.

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