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Super Camp Scholarship Fund

Invest in a black girl’s leadership skills and well-being.

$30K Fundraising Goal.

We are raising funds to support our summer camp for girls of African ancestry. Super Camp is an innovative summer that teaches girls leadership skills and improves their well-being. Most children lose two months of learning during the summer. Super Camp makes improves learning by making learning fun. We teach children yoga, science, dance, math, and history.

What We Need & What You Get

We have raised $20K so far, but we need $10k more to meet our goals

Girls travel to New York and Philadelphia to meet with Black women who are trailblazers in the fields of Finance, Arts, Science & Technology (F.A.S.T.).
We need funds to pay for reliable transportation to take girls on field trips
We need funds to pay for swimming instruction. Every girl needs to know this important life lesson.
We need funds to support families in need. Each family receives some financial support.
Eating healthy matters. We need funds to pay for the fresh fruit and veggies girls eat daily. Fresh fruit and veggies are available throughout the day for Campers to take at any time.
The Impact

Super Camp celebrates girlhood in its different form. We connect our girls to their African and family heritage because we know that understanding history protects them from many social ills. Girls with a strong sense of history do better in schools, have greater levels of confidence and have delayed sexual initiation.

We teach our girls how to stay physically well by engaging them in daily physical fitness and in dance because we know obesity is a problem in our communities.

We teach our girls how to value themselves and express their feelings because we know that these skills will help them better negotiate the challenges they will face in life.

We connect our girls with women mentors and Trailblazers because we know our girls are overexposed to service professions and those jobs will not allow them economic freedom. Connection with Trailblazers creates a pathway for them to lead.

Risks & Challenges

As doctorate level scholars and teachers, we have over four decade worth of experiences working with families, particularly women and girls. Our plan is to teach these girls the skills necessary for them to succeed in life and to help their communities

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you cannot give, please send this to a friend, college or family member. Please use the Share button.

Please invest in a girl.



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