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Daddy’s Little Girl Week 3 Winner

About Dad
Associate Professor, Texas State University
Executive Director, FlowStory, PLLC

About Daughter
Morgan Travis, age 11

Primary Reason for Participating in DLG?
I think it is a priceless gift that my daughter and I can share together. There are so many demands on our attention with work and school, and DLG gives us a chance to not only work on something together, but it is an investment in us – our relationship and our health.

What else do you do together?
We bike, play volleyball, jog and other do other outdoor fun. We love to play games together. We play all sorts of card games and board games. We’ve been playing a lot of Monopoly together lately, the board game version and the new card game version. We also enjoy swimming, reading (Harry Potter is the current favorite)

What resources allow you to spend so much active time with your daughters?
A loving wife, a committed daughter and flexible work hours. We try to do as much active time as possible on the weekends, but look for opportunities during the week as well.

What activities are the most fun for you?
Anything in the sun is fun. But biking, swimming, and walking are the most fun.

How do you balance your daughter’s health and education needs?
Education and health are the most important investments we can offer to our daughter alongside our love. We, as parents, try to be role models around health and education. We try to show her our respect for and commitment to health and education. We don’t try to be perfect but we try make healthy choices around food and stay active. We pay close attention to her school progress, make sure she gets support when she is struggling, and continually reinforce the idea that education is usually the pathway to greater choices in how you live, work, and play as an adult.

TeamForeverYoung and Team Robinson ties for 2nd place.

Team ReeReeDee is in third place.

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