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Green Ribbon Week 2020

Join the GrassROOTS SuperGirls’ public health initiative #Green Ribbon Week – a campaign to promote positive mental health of youth.


#GreenRibbonWeek is September 21-25th


The campaign goals are:


  • Educate yourself and youth around you about ways to maintain good mental health.
  • Model ways for peers to adopt daily healthy lifestyles within their communities, especially their schools and homes.



  • Encourage adults to engage in practices that facilitate dialogue with young people.
  • Provide examples for adults to positively engage youth in all aspects of their health.



  • Encourage and support healthy behaviors among youth.
  • Work with youth and adults to reduce risk factors that can lead to the development of a mental disorder.
  • Host conversations about positive mental health to make it as common as conversations about physical health.

For more details on why this is important, strategies for how to engage and what you can do, please see slides below. For Suggested Activities and Resources, please click button below.



I take the pledge to LISTEN to the young people in my life for at least 1 minute each day and I will not interrupt.


I am committed to making sure that I LISTEN TO LEARN and LEARN TO LISTEN.



I take the pledge to BREATHE.


For me, I know that everything is going to be OK as long as I can BREATHE.


I am committed each day to spending at least 1 minute to inhale good and positive thoughts and exhale all my stress.

Take the time to #LISTEN #BREATHE and #TALKITOUT

Take the pledge and adopt Green Ribbon Week

As a #GreenRibbonWeek partner, I agree to:

  • Rally my company, partners, friends and family to learn about youth mental wellness.
  • Wear GREEN each day from September 9 to 13 in solidarity of positive youth mental health.
  • Support positive youth mental health by sharing strategies and action steps that help youth feel heard.
  • LISTEN actively to young people as they share their feelings for at least two uninterrupted minutes. Ensure the young person feels heard before offering any advice.
  • Post photos on social media outlets (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others) and tag both:
    • @grassrootsfound
    • #GreenRibbonWeek
  • Serve as ambassadors of health and wellness through daily activities.
  • Educate, inform, uplift, support and embolden young people with the information you share.
  • Engage in at least one strategy daily that promotes mental wellness. See suggested actions at
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