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SuperGirl Amina News

SuperGirl Amina is the girl ambassador for the #EndPeriodPoverty campaign. She traveled with the GCF team to Jamaica earlier this year and now she is traveling to Accra. With the support of the Rotary Club of Accra, Proctor and Gamble, Uzima Dance Fitness and Dr. Tiffenia Archie, Amina and the GCF board members Dr. Janice Johnson and Lisa Maxwell, they will deliver sanitary napkins to four schools across Ghana. In 2020, GCF will be forming year round pantries for girls.…

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2019 Turkey Drive Challenge begins

For the past nine years, GrassROOTS has been providing necessary resources for families in need. This year, GrassROOTS will host #GiveThanks Turkey Giveaway events in Newark, New Jersey and Atlanta, Georgia.   Our New Jersey giving will go to residents of Newark. This includes students at Central High School and residents of Georgia King Village (GKV) in the West Ward of Newark.  GKV is a housing development in Newark, and home to a significant number of single, black mothers and their children. Almost…

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End Period Poverty in Newark NJ

Girls in poverty will miss almost one third of a school year, simply because they are a girl. Thirty-seven states tax girls and women for period products.   As early as age 9, the majority of girls will begin menstruation. This launch into womanhood constitutes many changes to their lives. For girls with meager and limited resources menstruation introduces new and more stressful financial burdens. The consequences of which can impede their educational achievements. The effects are compounded for those…

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End Period Poverty in Ghana

The work contributes. October 12-17 we continue the work to help #endperiodpoverty.   SuperGirl Ambassador Amina Anekwe will lead this initiative. We will visit four schools and donate 2500 sanitary napkins.   Each girl will get up to 3 months supply of resources including a book from SuperGirl Marley Dias’ #1000blackgirlbooks campaign.   Mrs. Alberta Ekar made each of the 500 reusable bags for the girls.     Also joining the trip is GrassROOTS President Dr. Janice Johnson Dias and…

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Green Ribbon Week

Join the GrassROOTS SuperGirls’ public health initiative #Green Ribbon Week - a campaign to promote positive mental health of youth.   #GreenRibbonWeek is September 9-13th   The campaign goals are: For YOUTH: Educate yourself and youth around you about ways to maintain good mental health. Model ways for peers to adopt daily healthy lifestyles within their communities, especially their schools and homes.   For ADULTS: Encourage adults to engage in practices that facilitate dialogue with young people. Provide examples for…

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#WhatOrphansWant Update

The GrassROOTS Team traveled to Haiti on June 15th for the #WhatOrphansWant social action initiative by SuperGirl Olivia Raymond. The trip followed the What Orphans Want Benefit Concert just a week prior, which raised $12,000 to grant the wishes of youth in Haiti. $5,000 of the dollars raised was donated to Child Hope International, an orphanage located in Port-au-Prince. The remaining dollars were spent on granting the individual wishes of children at the Love in Action School in Guirand.  …

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End Period Poverty Video

About #EndPeriodPoverty   GrassROOTS has taken a global approach to the issue of period poverty. As us, we are collecting and donating sanitary supplies to girls in Newark, Jamaica, and Ghana.   This work is an imperative because across the world girls living in poverty will miss almost one third of a school year, simply because they menstruate. These are often the same girls who are eligible for free and reduced lunches. Therefore, because of the bias and stigma around…

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ZenZone Social Action Project

Thank you for supporting SuperGirl Ariyan’s ZenZone social action project. Because of your generous support Ariyan has successfully raised $500 for the Arthritis Foundation. Through your donations she was able to create 100 go-boxes for youth coping with invisible pain. Each box with ice packs, comfy socks, zen coloring books, stress balls, and fidget spinners will help to provide comfort to youth who experience this chronic and sometime debilitating illness.   On June 2nd in West Orange, New Jersey, Ariyan in…

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No To Sugar Challenge 2019

Say NO To Sugar 2019 Join the #GCFSugarPledge   WHY?   According to medical and public health officials, excessive intake of sugar can negatively impact our minds and our bodies. High-sugar diets have been associated with an increased risk of many diseases, including heart disease, the number one cause of death worldwide. Research evidence suggests that high-sugar diets can lead to obesity, inflammation and high triglyceride, blood sugar and blood pressure levels — all risk factors for heart disease.  …

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