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#investingirls Giving Tuesday

Help GrassROOTS Community Foundation bring SuperCamp on the Road in 2023! This past summer, July 23- 30, GrassROOTS in collaboration with Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry and the Anna Julia Cooper Center mobilized a dozen Black girls and women to participate in an immersive one week living and learning project.   Our goal: to learn more about Black land use and food supply in North Carolina. With your help, we will repeat this work in Virginia at Monticello in 2023.   Read…

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GiveThanks 2022

Give Thanks

GrassROOTS Community Foundation in partnership with Uzima Dance Fitness and Kindred The Family Soul are uniting once more to #GiveThanks.   TeamTia + TeamLisa + TeamAja + TeamJanice are united to = TeamGive.   Collaboratively, we are raising $20,000 to support girls, women and families in Newark, Philadelphia and Boston.   Funds raised will provide meals for elders and community members at Georgia King Village, Newark, NJ;  families in Philadelphia, PA who are food-insecure and domestic violence survivors in Boston, MA…

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Green Ribbon Week 2022

Join the GrassROOTS SuperGirls’ public health initiative #Green Ribbon Week - a campaign to promote positive mental health of youth.   #GreenRibbonWeek is September 19th-23rd   The campaign goals are: Educate youth about ways to maintain good mental health practices. Encourage adults to engage in practices that facilitate dialogue with youth. Make conversations about mental health as common as conversations about physical health.

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Original SuperGirls are off to college

Congratulations goes out to SuperGirls Marley Dias, Amina Anekwe and Tori Fergus.   Eleven years ago, we started with five SuperGirls, three remained with the program for all ten years. Now they are off to college.   Tori Fergus will attend Columbia University and major in Biology. Amina Anekwe will attend New York University and major in History. Marley Dias will attend Harvard College and major in Government.   Thank you for investing in our girls. #SuperGirls  

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Quantitative Public Health Data Literacy is back!

NYU School of Global Public Health and the GrassROOTS Community Foundation present   Quantitative Public Health Data Literacy Training Get real-world data literacy training Explore. Visualize. Model. Make inferences   The global pandemic increased the public’s demand for information. Almost daily, media and policymakers present numbers on testing, deaths, hospitalization rates, and vaccine distribution. This information often includes data visualizations and tables viewers must interpret to better understand the pandemic’s scope and its impact on local communities and countries worldwide.…

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Ministry of Imagination – Education Week and Read Across Jamaica Day 2022

GrassROOTS Community Foundation Partners with Book Industry Association of Jamaica (BIAJ) to launch “Ministry of Imagination” for Education Week and Read Across Jamaica Day 2022.   The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on children’s learning, well being, and imagination, around the world. In Jamaica, thousands of children, from some of the most vulnerable households were directly impacted with significant learning loss. The recently launched Jamaica Education Transformation Committee (JETC) Report confirmed that  “almost 60 per cent of students…

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Thank You 2021

Thank you 2021 and beyond

Thank you and community highlights of 2021   Turkey Challenge Turkey Challenge winner….The Communities of Philadelphia, Atlanta and Newark   TeamJanice provided the most meals. TeamLisa had the most corporate donors. TeamTia had the greatest number of donors. TeamAja brought in the most new donors to GCF. #GivingTuesday We did it. Because of you, we raised $25,000 for the Love In Action school and community center in the rural community of Guirand, Haiti. Super News GCF has earned two grants…

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Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, I am asking for help to raise $25,000 for the rural community of Guirand, Haiti and the Love in Action School and community center.   In August 2021, Haiti once again experienced a deadly earthquake, quickly followed by Hurricane Henri. These disasters resulted in the deaths of over 2,000 Haitians and left many more injured.   In the case of such disasters, the philanthropic community typically galvanizes to provide “essential” services and resources. However, some of the…

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