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Read Across Jamaica

Education Week 2023 Project Focus: Libraries

This year, GCF in collaboration with the Book Industry Association of Jamaica (BIAJ), Marley Dias and the Ministry of Education in Jamaica is collecting 2,000 culturally diverse books for donations. We are particularly interested in books where Black girls and boys, Southeast Asians, and Chinese are the main characters. These populations represent the diversity of the population of Jamaica.


This year, renowned and celebrated author Jacqueline Woodson will be joining our Read Across Jamaica efforts.


We have made the commitment to focus our energies on creating sustainable avenues for literacy. Libraries play an essential role in our liberty by providing free safe and inclusive spaces to learn, connect and gather. They maintain history and facilitate access to learning. Libraries are equitable spaces, for regardless of age, income, and other identities, all are welcomed. Additionally, they are often the only space where there is open access to the internet.


According to the Jamaica Library Service, there are 124 public libraries and 333 mobile libraries among the 14 parishes.


Too often libraries have not gotten the resources they need. Books are outdated and sometimes there are too few for the growing youth population. To help in this effort, we are collecting 2,000 books for young readers. This year we are focusing our efforts on two parishes-St. Mary and Manchester—where will support one Da Cawna library per parish. We will also donate books and other resources to 10 school libraries in five economically disadvantaged areas within these parishes.


Additionally, we are also raising $30,000:

  • $20, 000 will be dedicated to the year-round literary efforts coordinated by the BIAJ $10,000 to local libraries in St. Mary and Manchester


All books need to be received by April 15th at the GrassROOTS office in New Jersey to be included in our trip to Jamaica.


If you would make a financial contribution

Click Here (via PayPal)


You can also make a contribution via CashApp or Square



Basic School Books

Primary School Books



You can also make a contribution via CashApp or Square


Important Dates



May 1 – Start of Education Week

May 2 – Read Across Jamaica Day

May 3 – Teacher’s Day

May 4 – Special GCF+BIAJ Author and Community Event



GrassROOTS Community Foundation

C/O Read Across Jamaica

59 Main Street

Suite 323

West Orange, NJ 07052

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