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Daddy’s Little Girls Finalists

Meet Tadric and Tatanya Robinson Tatyana, 7 years old Dad’s Occupation: Computer Systems Security Analyst 3 2nd Occupation: Musician Primary Reason for Participating: I decided to participate in the DLG health challenge because most of my social media content consists of photos, and videos of my children and I. We are either playing, out and about, building things, or just plain spending time together. By being a part of this challenge, it allowed me to share the joy of fatherhood…

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A Tribute to Tanji Dewberry

I had the pleasure of being Tanji’s friend. I met her 8 years ago on Cape Cod but did not unite with her until 2011 when my husband Scott encouraged me to attend her annual Easter egg hunt. Her affectionate smile drew me in and from then on we have been friends. My husband now says I stole his friend. But the truth is, she stole my heart. Tanji was kind and loving. She had a way of bringing out…

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