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End Period Poverty Video

About #EndPeriodPoverty


GrassROOTS has taken a global approach to the issue of period poverty. As us, we are collecting and donating sanitary supplies to girls in Newark, Jamaica, and Ghana.


This work is an imperative because across the world girls living in poverty will miss almost one third of a school year, simply because they menstruate. These are often the same girls who are eligible for free and reduced lunches. Therefore, because of the bias and stigma around periods, many girls will stay home hungry and under-resourced. 


As early as age 9, the majority of girls will begin menstruation. This launch into womanhood constitutes many changes to their lives. For girls with meager and limited resources menstruation introduces new and more stressful financial burdens. The consequences of which can impede their educational achievements. The effects are compounded for those who experience financial distress.


Our goal is to  educate community members about these issues as well as engage and partner with individuals, organizations and policy makers to help address this important health resource issue. 


Together, we can create a world where all girls grow up to be healthy women. 

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