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End Period Poverty in Ghana

The work contributes. October 12-17 we continue the work to help #endperiodpoverty.   SuperGirl Ambassador Amina Anekwe will lead this initiative. We will visit four schools and donate 2500 sanitary napkins.   Each girl will get up to 3 months supply of resources including a book from SuperGirl Marley Dias’ #1000blackgirlbooks campaign.   Mrs. Alberta Ekar made each of the 500 reusable bags for the girls.     Also joining the trip is GrassROOTS President Dr. Janice Johnson Dias and…

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End Period Poverty in Jamaica

On April 15, GrassROOTS Community Foundation President and Board member along with SuperGirls Amina and Marley Dias  will travel to Jamaica to deliver sanitary napkins to Montego Bay High School. This trip is a part of of GCF’s ongoing efforts to end period poverty.   As early as age 9, the majority of girls will begin menstruation. This launch into womanhood constitutes many changes to their lives. For girls with meager and limited resources menstruation introduces new and more stressful…

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