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Join Our 2017 Turkey Challenge

For the past seven years, GrassROOTS has been providing necessary resources for Newark, the West Ward neighborhood and the over 1,000 families living at Georgia King Village, a housing development in Newark, and home to a significant number of single, black mothers and their children. Almost 30 percent of Newark’s residents live below the US poverty threshold and 1 in 5 residents of Essex County are food insecure. This year we have partnered with the City of Newark and the Believe in Newark Foundation to expand our giving and provide for 6000 Newark families in need.

To date, GrassROOTS has gifted the community 500 pounds of turkey and 300 pounds of fruit and vegetables.

Pounds of Turkey
Pounds of Fruit

Our goal is to provide healthy meals for  families in need. Our celebrity supporters, board members and staff compete head to head to sell as many turkeys as we can. $25 provides a family with a holiday meal consisting of a 20lb turkey and 5lbs of organic fruits and vegetables. Multiply that $25 by any number and multiply the number of families you feed.


It’s that simple!

$25 = a healthy holiday meal for (1) family.

As we engage in a friendly battle via social media, our turkey tallies will be displayed on the website where we can track progress. Ask your friends, family and social networks to donate. It’s all in fun and as we compete against each other, we are working together to provide healthy meals to  as many families as we can. Some of us will lose the challenge, but in the end the community wins!


In addition to turkeys, GrassROOTS provides a catered, seated 4-course dinner to elderly adults of Georgia King Village. Our SuperGirls working as servers and Super Families volunteer to support.


Our celebrity partners, board members and team members lend their support each year by participating in the Turkey Challenge and raising funds for our community members. The goal is to get as many donations as they can.


Celebrity competitors are: Mona Scott-Young, CEO of Monami Entertainment (#TeamMona), and Tobias Truvillion, Actor, fitness enthusiast, and philanthropist (#TeamTobias).


Board members: Janice Johnson Dias, President of GrassROOTS Community Foundation (#TeamJanice) and Lisa Maxwell, Vice President of Global Product Marketing, MasterCard (#TeamLisa)


Team members are:  SuperGirls Society (#TeamSGS) and SuperParents (#TeamUnitedROOTS).

The contest begins October 20th at 12:00 am EST and ends at 5pm EST on November 17th.

Team Celebrity

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Mona Scott-Young

CEO of Monami Entertainment


Tobias Truvillion

Actor and Model


Faith Evans

Singer and



Yandy Smith

media mogul, entrepreneur

and television personality


Team Board Members

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Janice Johnson Dias

President of GrassROOTS Community Foundation


Lisa Maxwell

Vice President of Global Product Marketing, MasterCard


Team Members

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SuperGirls Society




Reigning champion three years in a row is Mona Scott-Young.


Winner is announced at GrassROOTS Community Foundation Give Thanks For Girls Benefit Gala on November 18th at the Robert Treat Hotel, Newark, New Jersey. Visit


For more information on Turkey Drive results and Give Thanks Benefit Gala, please click here.


Give to your team. The community is the winner.

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