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Help Us End Period Poverty

Girls in poverty will miss almost one third of a school year, simply because they are a girl. Thirty-seven states tax girls and women for period products.   As early as age 9, the majority of girls will begin menstruation. This launch into womanhood constitutes many changes to their lives. For girls with meager and limited resources menstruation introduces new and more stressful financial burdens. The consequences of which can impede their educational achievements. The effects are compounded for those…

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Marley Dias speaking at Liliuokalani Trust: WSJ article

Now 12 years old, Marley has written the book she felt was missing from her school: a story about a black girl by a black girl.   “Marley Dias Gets It Done: And So Can You!” is being published by Scholastic Inc. and will be released Jan. 30. Marley said she wanted to use her own experience in activism to show anyone can make positive changes in their communities despite their age.   “I’ve always wanted to be an author,” Marley said…

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Men’s Health Month

Fatherhood has forever changed my life. It has given me a sense of purpose that was unimaginable prior. Marley, my daughter, amazes me every day with her intelligence and positive energy. She has mad me a much better man. Swimming with her is my favorite physical activity. Her swimming skills and endurance far surpasses mine when I was nine years old. In fact her butterfly stoke is light years beyond anything I could do. I have grown to appreciate the…

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A Tribute to Tanji Dewberry

I had the pleasure of being Tanji’s friend. I met her 8 years ago on Cape Cod but did not unite with her until 2011 when my husband Scott encouraged me to attend her annual Easter egg hunt. Her affectionate smile drew me in and from then on we have been friends. My husband now says I stole his friend. But the truth is, she stole my heart. Tanji was kind and loving. She had a way of bringing out…

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