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Sandra Y. LewisDr. Lewis, a clinical psychologist, is well known for her commitment to wellness, healing and purpose-driven living. She began her journey at the young age of 13 studying meditation and the power of life force energy. Her work in health and wellness has spanned the globe from the U.S. to the Caribbean, Asia, and the African continent. One exemplary project is the worked she completed with an interdisciplinary team of health care providers to develop a national wellness program for healthcare providers in Botswana. Throughout her career, she has provided stress management and personal development consultation to a range of populations including teenage parents, business professionals, community service agents, and healthcare providers.

Dr. Lewis is a certified instructor in both Kemetic and Bikram Yoga. Based upon her knowledge of yoga and African moral and philosophical systems, she developed I Know Me®: A Kemetic Yoga Program for Children and Youth. This program has been successfully implemented with children and youth from age 5 – 12.

Dr. Lewis spent many years working in the fight against HIV/AIDS, training health care providers in cultural competence, & developing community-based solutions to social problems. Her work in HIV/AIDS earned her awards for distinguished public service from Rutgers University and the American Psychological Association. One of her primary interests is the role of culture in health, mental health, and well-being, particularly among Black women. Accomplishments in this area include her contribution to the book Women of Color: Integrating Ethnic and Gender Identities in Psychotherapy; her service as grant co-author and co-director of the federally funded conference, “Improving the Health Status of Black Women: Understanding Cultural Belief Systems” offered in five U.S. cities; and her study “Stress and Coping – What Works for Black Women.”

Dr. Lewis is committed to growth and development for herself and those she serves. Her study of traditional philosophies, healing arts, and spiritual systems includes African traditions, particularly Yoruba and Kemetic tradition, Qigong, Yogic philosophies, Reiki, and Reflexology. She is an initiate in the Yoruba tradition and a student in Wu Ming Qigong.  She founded The Living Source, her wellness consultation service based upon two core principles: 1) Each of us has a unique and divine purpose that enriches our lives, our families, our community, and the world around us; and 2) Balance, harmony, and access to our inner knowledge and power fuel our daily well-being. Dr. Lewis believes that alignment with our purpose is essential for negotiating life’s ins, outs, ups, and downs.

Influenced by Dr. Sandra Lewis, our work is inspired by African principles of harmony: Maat.

“Truth + Order + Balance + Reciprocity = Harmony.”

“Maat is an ancient yet timeless philosophy. It is the foundation for creating communities where people thrive and for sustaining a world governed by justice, fairness, and equal access to resources.”

Dr. Sandra Y. Lewis, The Living Source
Architect of Life in 4-Part Harmony

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