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2016 MayMovement – Call for Coordinators

MayMovement is a fun, high energy, encouraging and supportive community wellness program. It is designed to energize individuals, families and communities to engage in outdoor activities together starting on May 1, 2016.


Why together?

  • Well, we know that when people move together they encourage each other and are more consistent in doing so over time.

Why outdoors?

  • The art for outdoor movement is called “green exercise”. Research has shown that when people engage in green exercise they do so more enthusiastically and with greater energy output. The research also supports a curious phenomenon. People who exercise outdoors don’t experience the same level of exhaustion that comes with an increased energy output as they do when engaged in the same exercise at the same energy level while indoors. So by exercising outside you can actually perform better, but the workout feels more effortless.
  • Green exercise is also proven to improve mood and self-esteem. And not much time is required to reap the psychological benefits. The first five minutes of green exercise show the greatest psychological benefit. So just a tiny dose is enough for a measurable benefit to your mood, mind and mental health.
    • Translation: People love being in community with others and are more enthusiastic about doing so outdoors. All of this builds the necessary psycho-emotional motivation to engage in the activity again and again. In other words we are providing the opportunity and encouraging folks to get in the HABIT of movement.


If you are interested in being a MayMovement Coordinator and organizing an outdoor wellness adventure in your community please complete the application. Application deadline is April 8th, 2016.


For more information, please contact Tenisha Malcolm-Director of Special Projects



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