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SuperCamp Application for SEEDLINGS Girls (Grades 1st-5th) at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Submit your information on this page to apply for SuperCamp. Please download and read the Living the Guiding Principles below before completing the application. Several of the questions are related to the information in the document.  *Required Field

This application is for the SuperGirls Society (SGS) and its intensive summer training program: SuperCamp.


SuperCamp is a family-focused leadership development program for black girls and their families. The SEEDLINGS SuperCamp is for black girls entering grades 1-5 in fall 2019.


If you are chosen to be a member of this community you are agreeing to support the mission of the GrassROOTS Community Foundation, work in collaboration with other caregivers and girls, and commit to creating a world where all girls grow up to be healthy women.


Acceptance Rate: SuperGirls Society is an exclusive experience for those who are willing to commit to civic change. We accept only 10 percent of all applicants.


Our work is organized around the Kemetic principles of Maat. Please review the details of how we live by and practice these principles daily.


(Click on button below to download PDF document)

About Caregiver:
About SuperGirls Society Candidate
To be completed by SuperCamp candidate
To be completed by SuperCamp Caregiver(s):
Please answer the following questions:
  • Participate in a weekly physical activity and share details with members of the community
  • Arrive to meetings on time or notify GCF of any absences
  • Read materials in a timely
  • Give up soda
  • Learn how to use social media for social good
  • Correspond frequently via email and WhatApp
  • Complete 40 hours of community service per year
  • Work closely with other members of the community
  • Pack healthy meals for your daughters
  • Read articles and share your knowledge and opinions with others
  • Attend and participate in monthly leadership development meetings with your daughter

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