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SuperCamp Registration for Leaves Girls at Lingelbach School, Germantown, PA

Please watch the Super Camp video below before completing the application. Several of the questions are related to the information in the video.


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Principles of Ma’at

– Always speak the Truth.
– Do what is right even when nobody is watching.


– In Yoga, we practice our postures in the right order to help our bodies benefit from our practice.
– In Yoga, we practice our postures in right order to keep our bodies safe.
– In life, there is a time for everything – a time for silence, a time for speaking, a time for moving, a time for stillness.
– In life, we always respect our elders.


– We treat people the way we want to be treated.
– Each day we do our best. The good we do will come back to us, our families, our community, and the world around us.


– In Yoga, we practice balancing our bodies to help us know how to focus what is important.
– In life, we strive to have the right amount of what is needed at any given moment. We strive for the right amount in our behavior, our emotions and
our thoughts.

To be filled out by Super Camper:
Which of the following responsibilities do you think will be easy and which will be the hard to meet?
Which of the following features do you think will enjoy and/or will help you?
To be filled out by Super Parent:
To be filled out by Super Parent:
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