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We DEVELOP and test place-based programs that foster well-being for women and girls from childhood to adulthood. Our programs use participatory research approaches, with the goal of building capacity and empowering community members through research.


Young girl are like seeds; they grow best when their needs are met. SEEDLINGS programs focus on youth (5-9 years old). Programs emphasize the foundational elements that youth need for success: confidence, literacy, and knowledge of self. LEARN MORE


Leaves are the main energy conversion section of most plants. LEAVES programs focus on youth (10-13 years old)—a group typically at risk for significant and long-term public health challenges such as obesity. LEAVES programs emphasize learning and mastering good health practices. LEARN MORE


As branches grow, a good structure should be established. BRANCHES programs focus on teens (14 and older), enhancing self-worth and providing the support needed to grow into mature healthy women. BRANCHES programs emphasize resiliency, planning, cooperation and goal setting. LEARN MORE


Like the roots of the tree, mothers provide structural support to their children, but to do so mothers also need support. ROOTS programs equip mothers with the skills necessary to enhance and maintain their health and the health of their children. LEARN MORE

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